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Admiral 125cc Two-Stroke Engine

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  • Sekhet
    The engine and manual look like it's produced by the same folks that make the Tomahawk 125cc twin cyl.

    edit: As a mater of fact both of the above engines are exact and after more research are the same as the Evolution 125cc twin cyl.

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  • Mozark2
    started a topic Admiral 125cc Two-Stroke Engine

    Admiral 125cc Two-Stroke Engine

    I ran across Admiral 125cc Two-Stroke Engine

    The overview and technical write up is vague. I’m trying to figure out the HP if pipes are included etc, I created a ticket and and the techs response was I’m not sure who makes it or if it includes pipes etc. I think somehow I know even less by communicating with tech support which is very unusual for Motion.

    Does anyone know what company made this for Motion? The HP are pipes included?

    if the engine was say $600 id be fine with the lack of info. But at $900 i can buy a proven GP123 or throw out 500 mire and get a DA. Im very interested in the 125 so if anyone has knowledge of this engine please reply and I thank you