We have a vintage OS 40 FP (13331) nitro engine that is brand new and never run and is intended for use in aircraft. It's been about 35 years since we've fiddled around with RC fuel engines so we are pretty much beginners at this.
We want to break it in on a bench and there is no glow plug in the box so we need to find one that will work in this out of production engine and is suitable for break in. We also need to know what is a good prop to use for break in. We have a 10-7 and a 10-6 that will fit but we don't know if they are suitable for break in. We also need fuel, maybe a glow starter and a fuel tank and hose.
Does anyone have recommendations for the items mentioned above?
The engine also has no break in or general running instructions so if there are any tips that anyone can provide it would be much appreciated.