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can't get glow engine to start

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  • can't get glow engine to start

    I bought a OS 61 glow engine. Cleaned it, New glow plug, New 15% fuel. try to turn the Prop and it gets stuck after a few turns. Think its something called Hydrolock. Should I turn down the high speed needle? Or is something else wrong? No sputter out the carburetor port.and it never starts.

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    Google the carb settings for your engine always start from closed and adjust open both high and low settings. Its flooding if its hydro locked. I found this
    Here are the ballpark control settings, from the 7M carb instruction sheet:

    1. Main needle 3 turns if _not_ using muffler pressure or 1-1/2to 2 turns if
    using muffler pressure.

    2. Mid-range two turns open.

    3. Idle mixture at mid-travel.

    O.S. recommends that the mixture controls be adjusted in this order: idle
    first, then mid-range, then main needle. (FWIW, I've never had a problem if I
    set the main needle first, then idle, then tweak the mid-range after hearing
    the engine response in-flight.)