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nitro glow fuel

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  • nitro glow fuel

    I have an asp 61 glow engine I bought 15 percent nitro fuel the instructions recommends 10 percent can I mix 1 gal of 5 % and 1 gal of 15 % and get 10 % it works mathematically

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    It should, but make sure the lubricants are also compatible. It shouldn't be necessary, though; most glow engines will run fine up to 20% nitro, and many run best at 15%. If you are concerned, don't fly it really hard, until you use up the fuel.


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      Thanks wintrsol very helpful


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        I have 2 asp engines. 1 asp46 and 1 asp91. The instructor and president has nothing but asp motors in most of his planes. Seems he flies a different one every week and all he will fly in them is 15% where as most of the others fly 10%. I fly 10% in both of mine because its only 18.95 a gallon as opposed to 26.00 a gallon.;):)
        Dewey l


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          thats what I use on my rc buggies, .21 engines...

          runs better than any over priced car fuel, traxxas, o'donnell, etc.


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            When I was flying nitro I used 15% on my 2 strokes and 4 strokes just fine.


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              Not sure on airplane engines, but thats a monster of an engine.

              Shim it right, check temps and you should be fine w 15%. Many manufacturers try to be safe. And more than the nitro content, look for amount of oil in the fuel as well.