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EDF to Turbine Conversions

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  • Originally posted by T-CAT View Post

    At the 4 hour 38 minute mark in the video below, someone who converted it to a turbine jet using the Xicoy X45 flew at the Horizon Hobby Airmeet 2021 event right after the EDF version flew.
    That was a good flight! I wonder who makes a set of wheels/brakes that would work but not add too much weight...


    • Anybody put an X-45 in a FW Venom?


      • Hi everyone. I've just complete restoring the F/A 18 Blue Angels. The jet was not mine but i pick it up (trash) after the pilot crashed it and broke into pieces. Took it home and start to restore everything. Decided to apply the fibre glass and repainted it. From Blue Angels, she is now Grey Ghost 🤣. I am now converting it to turbine. You may also check out the video on youtube

        You may also view my other conversion via below link:-
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