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Binghamton Aeros' Festival of Giants 2018 Aug 10th - 12th

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  • Binghamton Aeros' Festival of Giants 2018 Aug 10th - 12th

    On August 10th - 12th, the Binghamton Aeros are hosting their 33rd annual giant scale RC flying event, the Aeros' Festival of Giants 2018.

    This is one of the largest giant scale events in the northeastern U.S. The event is held at the scenic and historic Chenango Bridge Airport, in Chenango Bridge, NY.
    The field has a well groomed full scale grass runway with a wide open flying area. RV camp sites available(no hook-ups). Early arrival on Aug 9th OK.
    RC giant scale pilots can pre-register here https://www.rcflightdeck.com/event.cfm?event_id=7882

    Spectators are welcome to come and enjoy the airshow put on by the amazing pilots and thier aircraft.
    Roger's Roaming Restaurant will be on site with great food.
    The event is in support of CHOW(Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse).