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Public apology to Motion RC

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  • Public apology to Motion RC

    sorry for the silly response that generated a customer ticket.

    You sent an “I looked at this can we answer your questions” email on the A4 Skyhawks and I jokingly replied to let me know when it goes on sale.

    I didn’t really intend to waste your time with being silly. (Not even day drinking)


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    You're very courteous for apologizing, however, I think you should know that anytime you send an email or message via their "contact" form, a "ticket" is created, no matter what the content of the message is. A question, no question, a comment, an inquiry of any kind or just a "hello, nice work, thank you" or a "FU", will generate a "ticket". It's mostly a computer thing and in some cases, a real human may not even deal with it beyond a quick read.