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Share Your Pics and Videos for the Live Show

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  • Share Your Pics and Videos for the Live Show

    Every week we do a community segment where we share the best stuff we find from the RC community on Squawk, YouTube and Facebook etc, but if you want to, just drop your stuff here. Our live shows also start with a 5 minute waiting period where we love to show off a community member flying, driving, sailing etc.

    Share anything Motion RC related with us and we'd be happy for it to appear on a Live Show!

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    Here is my great FreeWing Captured by the RAF Me262.

    This bird started as the FreeWing Me262 V2 EDF. Which as usual looks great out of the box.

    The one thing I don't like is my birds to look like everyone else birds at the field. So with some help from, a little spray paint, and some effort I changed up its look. I think that she looks great and so dose a lot of my flying buddies at the club field.

    As I get some more pictures of this bird in the air I will post them to:-)


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      12 Sep. 2020,

      As I promised Here are some pictures of my Captured by the RAF Spoils-of-war Bird from todays flying out on the RC Flying Field on the Dry Lake Bed at Grantsville, Utah.

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        These look fantastic Guybo ! Check out tomorrows live show for sure!


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          Hi James:-)

          Thank you for showing my Captured by the RAF Me262 on the Motion RC Live. It was a fun project.

          I have more FlightLine WW2 (Captured by the Luftwaffe P-38 and Captured by the USAA FW-190) Strangers in a Strange Land/Spoils of war Captured birds to come. I will be posting them as well..

          Once again thank you.

          P.S. If you have any advice for me on posting pictures and or maybe even video's I would welcome your input. Or if there are any of my Upcoming products that you would like to see more on or about, Pleas feel free to ask:-)



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            Thanks for sharing my SU-37 modification a few weeks back. Here's some additional stuff you can use if you feel like it.

            Yak-130 flight:

            Eurofighter on-board cam:
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