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ENTER NOW: 2021 Crash Contest is LIVE

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  • ENTER NOW: 2021 Crash Contest is LIVE

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Crash Contest 2021.jpg Views:	0 Size:	144.5 KB ID:	324667
    2021 Crash Video Contest

    Ever crashed your RC aircraft and got it on film? Now that footage could win you a prize at Motion RC. From now until Sunday, October 31st, 2021 you can submit your crash footage on either HobbySquawk or Facebook.

    If submitting on HobbySquawk, all you need to do is share a link to the video via YouTube in the comment below.

    If submitting via Facebook, you can either share the YouTube link OR upload the footage directly to Facebook in our Motion RC Customer Community Group here.

    We will have 3 ways to win:
    1. Grand Prize will be the best crash voted on by the community
    2. Runner-Up will be chose by MRC staff
    3. Everyone who enters will part of a random draw for the smaller prize
    (Prizes are to be determined by total submittals, but the minimum Grand Prize will be $100 gift card)

    Once the submission period ends on Sunday, October 31st at 11:59pm EST, Motion RC will collect all the videos and then release our own YouTube video which will show all the finalists. In the comments section of that video, everyone will be able to vote on just who had the best crash.

    Finalists will be announced live on YouTube Friday, November 5th

    The Grand Prize winner will be determined by the community and all prize winners will be announced live on YouTube on Friday, November 12th

    *If we do not receive enough entries, then we reserve the right to cancel the contest

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    This one's the worst...


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      But there's this too....


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        3D Printed RC Lippisch P13a Crash


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          Great entries radfordc and Dirty Dee! Thanks for starting us off right!


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            F16 lawn dart!


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                Drifter and Light Pole. Not good!


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                  Originally posted by radfordc View Post

                  This one's the worst...
                  That hurts!


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                    MiG crash at the beginning (slowmo replay at the end):

                    F-18 crash at the beginning:

                    Gripen crash at 3:25

                    Another Gripen crash at 4:44

                    Another Hornet crash at 6:55

                    And ANOTHER Hornet crash at 13:50

                    Perks of filming almost everything... one eventually gets a bunch of mishaps on camera!


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                      We had planned to make a youtube film of this model, but it flew just about 30 seconds and is was fully fueled as you can see of the huge explosion.

                      Bjarne Kvilvang

                      Flying electric and methanol planes and has been flying since early 80's Currently do I have about 30 planes in the hangar, wingspan from 50cm to 250cm.


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                        1. Battery failure mid flight (still a noob pilot at the time)

                        2. Better piloting, still dumb. Thought I'd just do some random spins and entered a fully developed spin too low :( (the airplane is fixable).


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                          Originally posted by BjarneKvilvang View Post
                          We had planned to make a youtube film of this model, but it flew just about 30 seconds and is was fully fueled as you can see of the huge explosion.
                          That's so sad to witness... I've seen a big F-18 go in myself (another Skymaster I think?), it was a while ago but since we're at it...

                          Apparently, the fuel tank ruptured and the engine inhaled the kerosene, causing it to stall and immediately causing a widespread fire. :'(


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                            Extra-300 inverted limbo pass…


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                              Oh man, some more good ones.

                              Airguardian - Some really heartbreaking ones in there!
                              @BjarneKvilvang - Thanks for the entry, that was a solid fireball

                              @Connor223 - that was a nice pass, just lost control.


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                                What are the most horrific Maiden I've ever had!


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                                  The roller coaster of hell. Maiden crash


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                                    Maiden with Freewing F16. Hate the birds, love my wife 😜


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                                      The walk of pain


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