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Passenger With No Flight Experience Lands Cessna

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  • Passenger With No Flight Experience Lands Cessna

    Pretty dang cool!!
    My YouTube RC videos:

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    Which begs the poll...

    How many of you with no actual experience flying a full scale airplane think you could land a plane successfully (without major damage or bodily harm)?
    My YouTube RC videos:


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      No Problem-Just youtube it LOL
      Don't just fly--WREAK HAVOC!!!


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        My YouTube RC videos:


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          A Cessna shouldn't be a problem for anyone; it practically flies itself; when you cut the throttle, it just lands.
          I had some visitor sessions on our flight simulators some years ago, and that was a different story.
          On the 737-300, most people could cope with a normal approach with no wind or turbulence. I did have some people that just weren't able to do this, constantly going into PIO as soon as they got a bit closer to the runway. But most were just naturals, with minimal help (I controlled the throttles or the airspeed, to reduce the workload) they got it right the first time.
          On our DC10 simulator, the story was even more different. Due to the much larger inertia of a wide-body aircraft, most people suffered a lot from PIO. One visitor even got completely out of control after disengaging the autopilot in cruise. I just asked for a heading change, he kept the yoke deflected way too long, and by the time the aircraft finally responded, he had to counter his own actions again, and so on. He plowed straight into the ground from 30000 ft or so.