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Need Best Paint Stripper

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  • Need Best Paint Stripper

    I need help from an expert member. Can any member suggests to me which paint stripper is the best for wood and metal?

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    I do not know of a good stripper except ginger. she's a lot of fun. oh wait, sorry.


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      Depends. What kind of paint and how big of an area? Is this for a model or some larger project? There are solvents that work pretty well on smaller areas but if you’re stripping a large area or furniture with grooves and carvings you can get reallly good results with various purpose strippers from your local hardware store. Some projects can also be accomplished by mechanical means, ie. sandpaper, grinder, sandblasting, pressure washer, etc....


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        I want to suggest Citristrip QCSG801 Paint for wood and metal. Check more information about it.


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          There are number of things that we can consider over here. As a matter of fact, the best paint stripper can be the one which stands out the best and has the required characteristic, you can check more information about it over here


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            Hey guys, im looking for dark red monokote for a repair job. Apparently hey dont make it any more. Anyone have a roll?