2000mm Giant Scale B-24 - Silver

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Watt Meters

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  • Watt Meters

    Using a wattmeter is necessary to confirm that your motor/prop combination is pulling a safe number of amps at full throttle as specified for your motor and your speed control. Switching to a larger prop or higher battery cell count can overheat/fry your motor and speed control if your motor is pulling too many amps . I bought the GT wattmeter from Motion RC. It comes with bare wire leads requiring you to solder on male and female Deans or other connectors to mate with your speed control and battery connectors with correct polarity. You must use heat shrink tubing over soldered connections and otherwise prevent electrical shorts if using bullet connectors. Amazon also sells the same and other brands of wattmeters, read the ads and instructions carefully. Wattmeters are also useful for checking/monitoring 12 volt DC circuits in RV's including solar array devices.

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    Was thinking of getting one. There's some fpv video tx's that have an osd (on screen display) that monitors all sorts of parameters. Haven't decided which route to go yet.