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Dynam retracts

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  • Dynam retracts

    Has anyone come up with a fix for Dynam retract that do not work or are intermittent. I replaced the original retracts on my FW-190 and the new set is no better. The problem is they either do not work or have a time delay that can last up to 5 minutes. Very frustrating. I have tried both Futaba and JR TX and the problem is the same. I tried end point adjustment and still no change. Yes, I tried a servo tester and that didn't work. If I put a standard servo into the retract channel (5) the standard servo works every time.

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    Dynam retract have been problematic, particularly if the ambient temps are below 60F. Even when warm out, they can be temperamental. I've changed the retracts on all my Dynam planes with ones from different brands. Even cheap HobbyKing retracts work better than Dynam ones. Dynam was supposed to have resolved this but it looks like they have not.


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      The ultimate fix for Dynam retracts is a set of all metal retracts from Hobby King.

      There are plastic expansion and electronics issues with the Dynam retracts. Some work fine all the time and some can't be relied on to work regardless of conditions.

      Most of the Dynam retracts I have work fine. I have a Dynam P--51, appx 5 years old with original retract set in it with zero failures. But if the set fails once, replace it with an all metal set.

      Check the mounting hole spacing. If that fits the retract fits, then get the CNC machined strut set appropriate for your model.
      This is not the only all metal set at Hobby King. Some sets include the struts.
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        George, one of the guys out at our club, said he had a problem with a set of Dynam retracts, until he lubed the mechanism. Once he did that, he had no more problems.


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          Hi guys,

          I'm having problems with my Dynam BF109 retracts, and I'm thinking of replacing them with another brand. Problem is on the 109 the retracts are 75 degrees, and I couldnt find any other brands that has 75 degrees retracts. Any suggestions on which retracts might be suitable for the 109? Thanks


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            I bent my retracts on my bf 109 any help they seem to be very strong like out of iron and I don't want to hammer it before I get a trusted response


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              Just remove them and bend them back in line, the annealing on them is not hard enough and you won't have any problems bending back.
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