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Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat

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  • Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat

    My uncle was a rc flier in the late 40's/early 50's, then off to college and military service in Korea. After returning, he never resumed flying. When he died, I inherited some things, including one plane, new in the box. It is a Kyosho 1/12 scale balsa kit of a Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat. I have been waiting for I-don't-know-what to start this project, but COVID-19 has created an opportunity. I've never built a balsa model before, but I'm game...
    I do have a question. The kit was originally designed for a gas engine (or glow-fuel?), but I would like to install an electric motor. As a kid, I had a very disheartening relationship with a glow-fuel Cox control-line Mustang. The plans call for an engine size of "19 to 36". I am looking for suggestions for an equivalent electric power set-up.