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FreeWing EDF motor adapters???

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  • FreeWing EDF motor adapters???

    Well, once again compelled to ask if the Lords At FreeWing might consider the desires and needs of the lowly experimenters among us (thinking that covers an awful lot of folks…) and make available the square-drive motor adapters that engage the drive socket on so many of their fans. Not impossible to make our own but would be a bunch easier if we had these to use on different combo setups.

    I am aware that this is almost certainly a fruitless request, having been made several times before by several Squawk members, myself included. To no avail, sadly.

    But! Hope springs eternal. Maybe the eons of Covid misery have softened their hearts, and the Lords could see their way to releasing several hundreds of the unobtainable. There would truly be joy in the land then!