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conncetor adaptors

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  • conncetor adaptors

    One of the most irritating things about RC flying is the various types of connectors and a lack of conformity among manufacturers for connectors. There are so many connector types among those are Deans type, Bullet types, EC 3 (blue colored- like Parkszone planes use, the XT60 (like those yellow connectors that HobbyKing sells or the HTX banana like plugs and the JST connectors. I see that you carry a few adaptor connectors but if there is such a thing, I would like to see all possible connector adaptors types carried by MotionRC.

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    Re: conncetor adaptors

    This is a great topic of discussion. Especially with the addition of the FMS 1400 series warbirds it would be a great idea to get some deans to banana(big red plug) and also XT-60 to banana. For the other planes that use 35-40 amp, it would be good to have like baron said, the ec3 to xt-60 and the vice versa. If you have these few adapters available it would eliminate any problems customers might have with trying to convert their batteries to accompany the ESCs in your planes. I personally have all the connectors and vice versa so that I dont ever run into a soldering issue with a new plane.



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      Re: conncetor adaptors

      We do plan to have a considerable number of connectors, wire, and pre-made adapter cables on our site. We have one supplier lined up which should ship product in about 30 days. We know we are lacking in some of our parts and accessories. We will work diligently to fill in the voids. Keep the recommendations coming.



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        Re: conncetor adaptors

        That is good news and we appreciate the rapid feedback you give us. I hate soldering and adaptors will help me as well as lot of new RC pilots that did not realize the frustration of so many connector types.


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          Yes I agree with the above posts. I bought three admiral 1300 mAh with the ec3 female connector. I would appreciate any help in sourcing a USA distributor with a wireless
          connector to an xt30 Female connection at the other side of this one piece connector. Thanks


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            A soldering iron is a wonderful device - always save the connectors / plugs off dead batteries. Adaptor connectors are great ,but in small models the extra wiring can pop your canopy in flight.


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              ED BEE, Great tip which has bailed me out of trouble many times. Welcome to Hobby Squawk, Sir. Best, LB
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