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Freewing electric retracts

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  • Freewing electric retracts

    Just wondering how many fliers of Freewing jets may have problems with the retracts. I've gone through so many of these things that never left the house that it's crazy. I have no problem with the retracts in my earlier Freewing jets, but it appears that the newer, and some earlier spare parts units, fail either out of the box or display a VERY short lifetime (like minutes). This problem has exhibited itself using a standard servo tester powered by a 5 amp ESC and 3S2200 battery. Nothing tricky, just a basic power supply and controller. Testing using a receiver as the driving signal had no different results.

    Speaking to Motion people, who appear to be quite concerned about the issue reported by others than myself and can't be blamed for this; apparently I'm far from alone with this issue.

    Not casting blame but it seems to me that Freewing (or their suppliers) need to take care of this. Doing some basic research I believe that all these units (name the brand) probably come from the same factory.

    Personally, I have a couple of new purchases that haven't flown yet that I'll be replacing with air retracts...tired of replacing defective parts with defective parts and don't look forward to having a gear problem with a $500+ air frame and associated parts. Actually, another retract failed in one of these planes after cycling it a few times giving it several seconds between cycles. >sigh<

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    So it goes.....


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      I have not had any problems with mine. Certainly nothing like you are describing. Which planes are you having the failures in?


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        I've never had a Freewing retract failure (other than bad landings), I would be getting a few servo checker...I had one go bad and killed a couple servos before I figured out what was going on.
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          I bought my Freewing 64mm A-10 a couple of months ago, and in the build process, have cycled the landing gear numerous times with no issues. Mine have always been through the receiver, powered by a 4S 3000 mAh battery.