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Dynam Supermate 2-4S LiPo Charger (Stock with Dynam Waco RTF, and probably others)

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  • Dynam Supermate 2-4S LiPo Charger (Stock with Dynam Waco RTF, and probably others)

    I've noticed some comments in Dynam reviews concerning their stock LiPo chargers, and thought I would share what I've learned with the one I received with my Waco this week.

    To make the charger work, I needed to put some side pressure on the AC cord where it plugs into the power supply for the charger. Apparently, the sockets in the cord and the pins in the supply do not fit tightly on mine, and, I suspect, on others. By bending the cord to the side of the power supply and securing it with a Velcro strap, I have a solid input power connection to the supply, resulting in a solid output power to the charger.

    Unlike my 3S chargers that came with my other two planes, the Dynam Supermate does NOT charge through the 5 pin balance connector. I referenced the instructions, which specifically state to wait for the flashing status light, then hook up the balance connector, and once the charger senses the battery, hook up the main power connector with the included adapter.

    I originally assumed this charger worked like my others, and thought it must be faulty when I had no status light, either indicating charging or charged condition. Following the instructions, my battery is currently charging.

    I did not check it at any other charge rate setting, but on the 1 amp setting, my calibrated multimeter read a charge rate of 1.2 amps.

    Another criticism of Dynam products is that the printed instructions included are often poorly printed, or, for those of us with older eyes, too small to read easily. The manuals, however, are available online, and are much easier to read on the computer screen. Hopefully, this helps prevent undue frustration for others who might buy a Dynam RTF plane or one of these chargers separately.

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    Personally, I've never liked the chargers that come with RTF models. They are of very dubious quality and may become hazardous to your health. IE, they may burn your house down. Get yourself a decent charger made by known quality brands and discard all those RTF chargers. Then start buying PNP planes or even ARF kits. Additionally, those batteries and receivers that come with RTF models will be of nominal quality. It won't be long before you have a room full of low end batteries, chargers, transmitters and receivers.


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      Oh, I'm far from singing the praises of this charger, and I fully intend to invest in a better quality one in the near future.

      That said, from what I've seen, even the good quality chargers state to not leave a charging battery unattended, just in case the LiPo develops a problem and goes up in flames. The ideal, of course, is to charge the battery somewhere that isn't at risk for catching fire if a problem occurs, and to be near enough that any problem can be dealt with promptly.

      Instead of getting home from dinner out to find your LiPo burned the house down...