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Military RC Jets
Military RC jet aircraft including fighters, bombers, attack, cargo, and trainers
Topics: 682 Posts: 52,503
Topics: 682
Posts: 52,503
Warbirds / Military Propeller RC Airplanes
RC aircraft with military affiliation / designation and powered by a propeller
Topics: 831 Posts: 37,249
Last Post: NEXA B-24
Topics: 831
Posts: 37,249
by bbolz
RC Sport Jets
RC jets intended for acrobatics and speed
Topics: 141 Posts: 4,263
Topics: 141
Posts: 4,263
Commercial RC Jets and Propeller Airplanes
Commercial RC aircraft - airliners, business jets, passenger planes, and cargo planes
Topics: 42 Posts: 2,746
Topics: 42
Posts: 2,746
RC Gliders and Flying Wings
RC Gliders, hanggliders, paragliders, sailplanes; powered or unpowered
Topics: 146 Posts: 1,524
Topics: 146
Posts: 1,524
Civil - General Aviation and Light Sport RC Airplanes
Planes for private transport and recreational flying
Topics: 131 Posts: 1,674
Topics: 131
Posts: 1,674
RC Biplanes and Triplanes
RC aircraft with two wings, three wings, or more
Topics: 84 Posts: 1,330
Topics: 84
Posts: 1,330
3D / Aerobatic RC Airplanes
Propeller driven RC airplanes designed for aerobatic or 3D flight
Topics: 66 Posts: 422
Topics: 66
Posts: 422
Beginner and Trainer RC Airplanes
RC trainer airplanes designed for beginner pilots
Topics: 105 Posts: 886
Topics: 105
Posts: 886
Sport and Racer RC Airplanes
Reno racers, pylon racers, and other high-performance aircraft
Topics: 48 Posts: 678
Topics: 48
Posts: 678
RC Seaplanes and Amphibians
RC airplanes that can takeoff and land on water
Topics: 42 Posts: 736
Topics: 42
Posts: 736
Miscellaneous RC Airplane Topics
If it doesn't fit in the other RC airplane categories, post it here
Topics: 572 Posts: 12,555
Last Post: Live with Alpha
Topics: 572
Posts: 12,555
Scale RC Helicopters
Military, civil, fire, police, Coast Guard, and search and rescue scale RC helicopters
Topics: 170 Posts: 2,861
Topics: 170
Posts: 2,861
by sfcfury
RC Drones / Multi-Rotor Aircraft
RC multi-rotor aircraft - quadcopters, hexcopters, and more
Topics: 50 Posts: 234
Topics: 50
Posts: 234
3D and Sport RC Helicopters
RC helicopters designed for aerobatics and non-scale flight
Topics: 27 Posts: 115
Topics: 27
Posts: 115
Beginner RC Helicopters
Beginner and trainer RC helicopters
Topics: 7 Posts: 47
Topics: 7
Posts: 47
Miscellaneous RC Helicopter Topics
If it doesn't fit in the other RC helicopter forums, post it here
Topics: 14 Posts: 53
Topics: 14
Posts: 53
by PawPaw
RC Tanks
Radio controlled tanks - Light, medium, heavy, main battle, and tank destroyers
Topics: 248 Posts: 3,312
Topics: 248
Posts: 3,312
RC Construction Equipment
Excavators, cranes, dump trucks, front loaders, shovels, bulldozers, and more
Topics: 8 Posts: 108
Topics: 8
Posts: 108
RC Trucks and Semi-Trucks
All RC trucks, military/civilian - crawlers, monster trucks, troop transport, stadium, and semi-trucks
Topics: 18 Posts: 107
Topics: 18
Posts: 107
RC Cars and Buggies
On-road, off-road 1/8th to 1/24th scale RC cars and buggies
Topics: 15 Posts: 53
Topics: 15
Posts: 53
by Aros
Military and Coast Guard RC Boats
All RC military surface ships, big and small, both past and present, and coastal patrol boats.
Topics: 26 Posts: 306
Topics: 26
Posts: 306
Civil and Commercial RC Boats
From RC tugboats to large scale cruise ships, Chris-Crafts to mega yachts, and fishing trawlers to container ships.
Topics: 9 Posts: 85
Topics: 9
Posts: 85
RC Speedboats
RC boats built for speed - jet boats, hydros, v-hulls and more
Topics: 14 Posts: 111
Topics: 14
Posts: 111
RC Sailboats
RC boats powered primarily by wind and sail
Topics: 5 Posts: 38
Last Post: New To sailboats
Topics: 5
Posts: 38
by Alpha
RC Submarines
RC submersibles from small exploration craft to nuclear-powered military submarines
Topics: 9 Posts: 189
Topics: 9
Posts: 189
Radios and Receivers
RC transmitters, receivers, and all radio related accessories
Topics: 339 Posts: 2,585
Topics: 339
Posts: 2,585
Gyros / Flight Stabilizers
RC airplane and helicopter flight controllers, gyros, flight stabilizers, and flybarless controllers
Topics: 162 Posts: 1,442
Topics: 162
Posts: 1,442
Cameras, Video, and First Person View (FPV)
RC cameras, goggles, video receivers, video transmitters, gimbals, displays, and more
Topics: 53 Posts: 526
Topics: 53
Posts: 526
Everything related to RC servos and accessories
Topics: 26 Posts: 123
Topics: 26
Posts: 123
LEDs, OLEDs, light controllers, navigation lights, afterburner kits, etc.
Topics: 13 Posts: 180
Topics: 13
Posts: 180
Smoke and Sound Systems
Smoke and sound systems for RC airplanes, boats, cars, tanks and trucks
Topics: 16 Posts: 107
Topics: 16
Posts: 107
Miscellaneous RC Electronics Topics
If it doesn't fit in the other RC electronics topics, post it here
Topics: 45 Posts: 199
Topics: 45
Posts: 199
by mshagg
Batteries, Chargers, and Power Supplies
Everything related to RC batteries (LiPo, LiFe, NiMH) and charging systems
Topics: 200 Posts: 1,688
Topics: 200
Posts: 1,688
Electronic Speed Controls (ESCs) and BECs
RC speed controllers, battery eliminator circuits, programming cards, and more
Topics: 100 Posts: 697
Topics: 100
Posts: 697
Electric Motors
Brushed, brushless, inrunner, outrunner, discuss all RC motors here
Topics: 79 Posts: 462
Topics: 79
Posts: 462
by James
Nitro and Gas Powered Engines
Nitro or gas powered model engines for RC airplanes, boats, cars and trucks
Topics: 11 Posts: 85
Topics: 11
Posts: 85
by Sekhet
Gas Turbines
Gas turbines for RC jets and large-scale RC helicopters
Topics: 4 Posts: 177
Topics: 4
Posts: 177
by 554dug
Miscellaneous Power System Topics
If your topic does not fit in the other RC power system sub-forums, post it here
Topics: 6 Posts: 24
Topics: 6
Posts: 24
Tools and accessories for building, testing, and customizing your RC models
Topics: 43 Posts: 414
Topics: 43
Posts: 414
Flight Simulation and Other Software
Flight simulators, CAD, data analyzers, programmers, and more
Topics: 28 Posts: 251
Topics: 28
Posts: 251
by Aros
RC Airplane Components
All components for RC aircraft - clevises, horns, landing gear, pilot figures, propellers, pushrods, wheels, and more
Topics: 34 Posts: 165
Topics: 34
Posts: 165
by xviper
Cables, Connectors, and Hardware
Bolts, connectors, nuts, screws, washers, wire and much more.
Topics: 6 Posts: 41
Last Post: conncetor adaptors
Topics: 6
Posts: 41
by Elbee
3D Printing
Everything related to 3D printing - hardware, consumables, software, etc.
Topics: 4 Posts: 1,046
Last Post: Official 3DP Thread
Topics: 4
Posts: 1,046
by spook
Miscellaneous Tools and Accessories
If your topic does not fit in the other tools and accessories sub-forums, post it here
Topics: 7 Posts: 39
Topics: 7
Posts: 39
by xviper
General RC Topics
Anything and everything (R)adio (C)ontrol
Topics: 727 Posts: 13,782
Topics: 727
Posts: 13,782
Community Pictures and Videos
Post pictures and videos of your models, workshop, flying field, race track, construction site, etc
Topics: 381 Posts: 5,590
Topics: 381
Posts: 5,590
The Lounge
A place to kick back, relax and talk off-topic (no religious or political topics please)
Topics: 302 Posts: 3,605
Topics: 302
Posts: 3,605
by Sekhet
RC Model Tips and Tricks
Share knowledge with fellow hobbyists - building tips, product enhancements, setup help, recommended electronics, etc
Topics: 198 Posts: 1,789
Last Post: Flat Foam Tires?
Topics: 198
Posts: 1,789
Aircraft Detailing - Airbrushing, Painting, Graphics
Topics related to RC airplane detailing and customizing
Topics: 63 Posts: 1,232
Topics: 63
Posts: 1,232
by V12Kid
Community Help and Q&A
Need help? Post your question or issue here and get assistance from the entire Squawk community
Topics: 189 Posts: 1,890
Topics: 189
Posts: 1,890
by xviper
Motion RC Live - Weekly YouTube Show
All topics related to Motion RC's weekly YouTube series
Topics: 24 Posts: 755
Topics: 24
Posts: 755
RC Events
Post details and discuss RC events including trade shows, fly-ins, races, and meet-n-greets
Topics: 125 Posts: 2,794
Topics: 125
Posts: 2,794
Hobby Squawk Feedback
Post feedback, report issues, and ask questions about the Hobby Squawk RC forum.
Topics: 113 Posts: 1,121
Topics: 113
Posts: 1,121
Hobby Squawk News and Announcements
This is where we will post news and updates specific to Hobby Squawk
Topics: 8 Posts: 186
Topics: 8
Posts: 186
by xviper
For Sale or Trade
Post any RC model or related hobby products which you wish to sell or trade
Topics: 221 Posts: 662
Last Post: A10 for sale
Topics: 221
Posts: 662
Wanted Section
Are you looking for a specific product? Post the details here
Topics: 44 Posts: 89
Topics: 44
Posts: 89
Services Offered
Do you have a specific hobby-related service to offer to the Hobby Squawk community? Post the details here
Topics: 7 Posts: 341
Topics: 7
Posts: 341
Discuss your sales and/or service experience with online stores and hobby shops
Topics: 41 Posts: 545
Topics: 41
Posts: 545

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