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Looking for a good LiPo checker/balancer

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  • Looking for a good LiPo checker/balancer

    Recently started flying a Blade 230s V2 which has a 3S Battery Pack (30C 11.1V/800mAh) and am looking to get a good checker. I like the new Spektrum XBC100 but it's about twice the price of others. I like the Venom PRO and ISDT BG-8S better than the Cellmeter/HiLetgo/etc.

    I think being able to balance is a good feature. Looking for a recommendation on what I should buy as I want to buy something that will last me will into the future.

    Next purchase will be a charger if you want to weigh in on that one

    ALSO - Any updates on ISDT BattGo versus Spektrum Smart Tech?

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    A battery checker is basically a volt meter. For the purpose intended, the difference between a cheap one and one that costs twice as much isn’t going to mean it’s twice as good. When I buy stuff from RC Castle, they often include a free “gift”. One of my last gifts was a battery checker. In fact, it was this one:
    Since it was “free”, you can imagine how cheap it really is, yet, it does a fine job at checking my battery voltages and is as good as any other that I’ve seen and used. Insofar as “balancing” a LiPo is concerned, that function is best done when balance charging and that’s where you get the charger that does the job you want it to do for the price you want to pay. Normally, you don’t charge a LiPo and then balance it. If your charger doesn’t balance charge, it’s time to get one that does.
    Are you using the charger that came with your model? This one?
    Technically, it’s already a “balancing” charger, although it’s about as simple and primitive a charger as you can get. If you plan to stay in the hobby and progress further, get yourself a proper balance charger. They have a display readout of what’s going on and they range in price from under $100.00 to hundreds of dollars.


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      xviper Thanks for the response. Yes that is the one I am currently using as I decide on which one to get. As far as charging then balancing goes that wasn't on my mind. Was thinking more like have the functionality if I needed it. To have a checker that COULD balance or discharge might come in handy if the price points are good. I don't want the cheapest or the most expensive but something accurate with good features for the price (same for the charger). And not knowing what the future hold for me I'm not sure if I'll ever take advantage of the BattGo or Smart Tech LiPos though I do like the checkers. I've been happy with the Spektrum equipment I do have and was planning to get their checker when I can across the others. Just wondering what others though of the newer checkers out there.


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        Hate to post the HH site for this but it was convenient. Far better than the 4 button style...