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Bat-Safe no delivery

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  • Bat-Safe no delivery

    Ordered a Bat-Safe April 5th. As of July 2nd no delivery, just a few emails saying they will shop soon. Has anyone else had the same experience?

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    Hi BigRon3, from whom did you order the "Bat-Safe"?
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      I ordered directly from Bat-Safe Website. I am really disappointed. The last word is shipping on the 5th. And my check is in the mail. I would in the future only buy from distributors that have them in stock.


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        Bat-Safe finally arrived

        My Bat-Safe arrived today. 3+months to delivery. Sad

        Nice product. Well made. But the clothes I was wearing when I ordered it are now out of style.

        Order from a vender that has it in stock.


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          I also ordered from the Bat-Safe website in the past, and I was incredibly disappointed with their delivery service. They got their whole delivery schedule wrong, and I had to wait for three weeks more than the estimated time. I even had to install lasership delivery tracking to keep track of my order. To be precise, I ordered a bat safe XL in silver edition, which you'd think they would deliver on time since it costs so much. Unfortunately, that wasn't the situation in my case. I had to wait for wayyyy longer than expected to get an overpriced product.


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            I never ordered from them direct but did get them from Amazon. Not one problem and had them in a few days. I got 5 of them now and they give me that peace of mind.