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Baku Soldering Station

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  • Baku Soldering Station

    I recently obtained the Baku Soldering Station the one with the digital display. I can say it’s a nice little unit and it works well and does what it states it does. The fact that the temperature can be controlled is a great help. It’s infinitely variable from 200ºC up to 480ºC. It’s supplied with a stand-in which to rest the iron while you are working to prevent burns. Incorporated in the stand is a tray for a wet sponge to wipe clean the tip to prevent the build-up of carbon and dirt. A small sponge is supplied as well. The instruction manual is a simple 2-page sheet with some common sense warnings and general maintenance tips. Connecting the iron to the power unit is simple and it’s polarized so it can’t be assembled incorrectly.

    The tip supplied is very sharp and is ideal for delicate soldering of fine electrical components and the fact that the temperature can be adjusted means it can be set to the exact heat required for the job in hand. This makes it ideal for the hobbyist. A protective plastic sleeve is supplied to protect the tip when not in use. Remember to remove it before turning on the iron.

    Another use for the iron is to remove styrofoam. Turn the temperature to the lowest setting and the heat generated is ideal for cutting foam. Have you ever wanted to remove part of the internal foam on a given model to move the battery one way or another, or to make room for a gyro for example? Well, this little soldering iron is the tool to use.

    If you have never tried soldering or you are looking for new soldering iron this is the tool for you.

    Replacement tips are available from Motion RC. They are listed on the website with the other soldering items.


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    In addition to cutting foam, it is also very useful on covered balsa ARFs for removing covering from servo pockets, push rod exits, air vents, etc. You want to do this on a lower setting as well.


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      Yes, it's great cutting the holes in the film covering because it also seals the covering to the wood as it cuts away.