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Shooting board

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  • Shooting board

    I remade my shooting board today. Which is kinda like a bench hook, but for sanding and/or planing at a precise angle.
    Next to the main board is a lower section that is at a 90degree angle with the stop at the end. In that groove your plane (or in my case my sanding blocks) ride.
    The sanding blocks are 50x50mm square aluminium tubing with various grits of sanding emory cloth bands stuck to the with carpet tape.

    I had one of these for aaaages but I managed to lose it somewhere. So I remade it, with a few add-ons I always wanted to do with my old one. I sank in a few Tee Nuts into the base at strategic locations, and I will be making a couple of plates at various useful angles from some HPL scraps I have somewhere. Already made a template for the 45degree plate from cardboard as you can see.

    Man, I love making my own tools...

    Sherman M4A3 105mm Houwitser / Sherman Firefly IC *under construction* / Panzer IV *awaiting side-grade from TK7.0S to TK6.0S* / Stug III / King Tiger / KV-1 *awaiting upgrade to TK6.0S* / Tiger I / T34-85 / Leopard 2A6 *waiting upgrade to TK7.0*... No, I do not have a problem....