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Solar Plane

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  • Solar Plane

    Hi guys I've started on a solar plane project. Id like to check some details with everyone and see what you all think.
    The goal is for the solar plane to be able to fly for a continuous 48 hours with a 500g payload.

    Wingspan: 5m
    Wing Cord: 300mm
    Wing area: 1.5m squared
    Aspect Ratio: 16.7
    MTOW: 12kg
    Solar Cells: C60 Sunpower 22.5% efficient 3W solar cells (70 Cells=35V at 6 Amps) (210W)
    Battery: Custom Lithium Ion 8S16P Battery (29.6V and 41.6Ah) (1231Wh) (2600mAh per 18650 Battery)
    Aerofoil: NACA 4412 (
    Autopilot: ArduPilot APM
    Receiver/Transmitter: Turnigy 9 channel. (Needs Upgrading)
    Motor and Prop: Still Need to do more research I intend for the motor to draw an average of 115W in stable cruising flight

    With a draw of 115W from motor the battery would last around 10 hours and 42 minutes
    From the 28th of April till the 14th of August the day length will be over 15 hours allowing the solar plane to fly for a maximum of 9 hours during dark with a safety margin of around 2 hours of excess battery to account for increased wing, sink during the night. The solar cells would be able to charge the battery in 12 hours 57 minutes.

    Balsa Wood for wing with two 20mmx20mmx2mm Aluminium spars (5m Long)
    Solarfilm Iron on Adhesive Plastic Film(Clear) for wing skin
    3D Printed PLA Accessories(Mounts and so on)

    If you have any recommendations-critics id love to hear them so that I could improve my design and hopefully learn more and more.
    If you disagree with my choice of the NACA 4412 id be open to changing for a more efficient aerofoil
    Thank you for taking the time to read my post and i hope you enjoyed it.
    Thanks again

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    Welcome to Hobby Squawk! Looks like a very cool project. :Cool: How are you going to power your TX for 48 hours?