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Official Black Horse 1730mm Super Tucano thread

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  • Official Black Horse 1730mm Super Tucano thread

    Super Tucano 1730mm (68.1") Wingspan from Black Horse - Balsa Wood ARF - BHM1005-001
    Click image for larger version  Name:	6.jpg Views:	1 Size:	53.4 KB ID:	239981

    The Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano, also named ALX or A-29B, is a Brazilian turboprop light attack aircraft designed and built by Embraer as a development of the Embraer EMB 312 Tucano. Black Horse's Super Tucano is one of my favorite sport birds to fly, similar in characteristics to their very popular PC-9. I prefer it in electric configuration so the narrow cowl doesn't need to be cut into. On 6s 5000 it's a capable sport flyer for electric foamy pilots moving into Balsa, and on 8s it becomes a very energetic powerhouse around the airfield!

    The model is scaled to approximately 1:6 and attention was paid to a true to original appearance and best flight characteristics. The model can be operated using an electric power system.
    Detailed Tandem Cockpit

    The cockpit offers two painted pilots and detailed tandem cockpits for added realism. This cockpit hatch conceals the spacious electronics bay, with ample space for batteries or a fuel tank and whatever other electronics you fly with.
    Fiberglass Molded Cowl

    Sleek single piece molded fiberglass cowl requires minimal modification to install your preferred power system. The included spinner's shape flows nicely with the scale cowl. I prefer the efficiency of the two blade prop. Lots of acceleration and good tip speed!
    Gas or Electric Power

    You can choose between gas or electric to power your model depending on your preference. An electric setup doesn't require any cutting of the fiberglass cowl. Depending on your choice of gas or nitro engine however, minimal or extensive cutting may be required. This is unavoidable for narrow cowled models depicting the full size aircraft's turboprop layout.

    Functioning flaps expand the flight envelope of the Tucano, providing greater stability at slow speeds. With the included metal suspension struts in a tricycle configuration, large sized flaps, and a wide diameter prop, the Super Tucano is ideally suited for operation off of grass airfields.

    Like the Black Horse PC-9, this Black Horse Super Tucano's tricycle gear configuration is ideal for new balsa pilots who may still be wary of nosing over with a conventional tail-dragger warbird configuration.
    Electric Retract-Capable

    Ready for use with your choice of electric retracts or air retracts, the Super Tucano arrives with a set of metal suspension struts and three wheels.
    • High level of prefabrication right out of the box
    • Lightweight, strong, laser cut balsa and plywood construction
    • CNC suspension metal struts (retract units not included)
    • Panel lines and details printed directly onto the pre-applied, high quality covering
    • Airfoiled tail surfaces
    • Recessed hinges on all control surfaces
    • Pre-drilled hinge mounting holes
    • Heavy-duty pin hinges on all control surfaces
    • Large easy access fuel tank/battery/servo access hatches with sprung loaded latches
    • Painted and detailed cockpit, pilot and interior included
    • Fiberglass control horns with ball link connector
    • comprehensive control and fitting accessories included
    • Two-piece, plug-in wings simplify transportation and assembly
    • Fiberglass cowl and glass reinforced landing gear covers/pants
    • Mounts for both electric and gas power options included
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    Live Q&A every Tuesday and Friday at 9pm EST on my Twitch Livestream

    Live chat with me and other RC Nuts on my Discord

    Camp my Instagram @Alpha.Makes


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      What are people using for retracts since the recommended ones are backordered?