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Mini War Birds/ AKA Fun fighter types

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  • Mini War Birds/ AKA Fun fighter types

    I know that HK sells them as fun fighters and other vendors in other names. I have fallen for these little 800 mm 100 MPH machines and would love to get them from you with the right gear for those push's. HK's you need to change out the ESC, and all of the others are way to much $$.
    Just thought I would toss this bug in your ear.

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    Re: Mini War Birds/ AKA Fun fighter types

    oh i would hop on one of these as well !!! i've actually been trying to find one of the Sky Angel versions. these are hard to find. i just can't put out the shipping cost from HK

    the Freewing 800mm Moray maybe the next best thing !


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      Re: Mini War Birds/ AKA Fun fighter types

      I currently have four 650-800mm warbirds. An Eflight Zero, the Spitfire and Bf-109 from Nitroplanes, all 650's, and my personal favorite the 800mm P-51 from Motion. This size plane is my favorite size bay far. Throw them in the back seat, drive to the local park, hand launch and fly!

      I'm eyeballing the 800mm FMS P-47 now. My dream plane would be an 800mm, or maybe a little bigger, P-38 Lightning. It's gotta have rudders though, or I'll pass. Gawd, how I drool wishing for a small, twin screw warbird...<smiley image="smiley_good.gif"/>
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