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More 800mm Warbirds Please

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  • More 800mm Warbirds Please

    I fly in a large flood detention basin near my house. It's approximately 900'X400' and all grass, a rarity in Las Vegas. There is no runway, so I hand launch and belly land. I have the V2 Ferocious Frankie P-51 and love it. It's the perfect size for my field, small enough to keep it in bounds, but flies like a much bigger plane. I recently did a flap mod which really slowed it down for landing, and hand launches.

    I also have three different 650mm warbirds from, cough-cough, "other vendors" that are great fun in my basin. The next plane on my list is the FMS 800mm V2 P-47. I sure would like to see more planes from Motion in this 650-800mm scale.

    Just a thought, and keep up the good work!
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    Re: More 800mm Warbirds Please

    I second this. I also have two of the freewing 650mm warbirds as well as the Hk 650mm stuka. The stuka needs alot of work to fly, but both of the 650 mm freewing warbirds fly great. With a 1000mah 3s I'm getting 13-18min flight times and very good speed and vertical all on stock electrics. The two i have are the bf109 and the spitfire mkix. Since you already carry freewing perhaps it wouldnt be too hard to add them, plus they are pretty nice price wise. I paid $64 a piece for them.

    One of the downsides of these is that the are Depron rather than the epo, but the lightweight more than makes up for it and the quality is spot on. As good or better than the eflight a6m5 zero 300.

    I'm also a big fan of the 800mm warbirds and wouldn't mind seeing some more models along with some updated improvements. Nav lights would be a great addition, Flap's or at least the pockets for them would be great. I've seen quite a few flap mods for the 800mm p51's and one for the bf109.

    I have the v2 Zero, v2 corsair, v2 mustang, v2 p40(needs work underpowered on stock motor, mine is in pieces), v1 bf109, and 2 v1 p40's.