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BF-109 FPV & Airfield vs FMS Corsair

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  • BF-109 FPV & Airfield vs FMS Corsair

    What FPV set-up did you use in that fantastic BF-109 video? Ref your 1400mm Corsairs, I noticed the Airfield version has tailwheel retract and FMS does not. Weren't they the same company at one time? Can you request tailwheel retract setup for your FMS birds?


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    Re: BF-109 FPV & Airfield vs FMS Corsair

    Airfield is a NitroPlanes propriatery label. NitroPlanes <i>use</i> to sell FMS planes under their Airfield name. They no longer do. They still sell Airfield, but they are not FMS planes (unless they still have OLD stock).

    Some FMS birds do have retractable tail wheels eg. 1400mm P51, 1700mm Corsair.
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      Re: BF-109 FPV & Airfield vs FMS Corsair

      We actually used a go pro in the BF-109 video. It is on a home built stand with a servo for panning. We had to compensate for extra weight to achieve CG.

      FMS stopped building the Airfield brand 2 years ago. At this point FMS and Airfield planes are 100% different. I don't honestly know why FMS does not have a retractable tail wheel in the Corsair - I suspect they were trying to hit a price point. The FMS does have a larger motor, ESC, triple split flaps, and all 17g servos as opposed to the 9g on the Airfield. There are significant differences. We've asked for a retractable tail wheel but it is not a trivial task so there is currently no time frame to adding one.