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FMS 1400 Tan Zero Cowl

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  • FMS 1400 Tan Zero Cowl

    Has anyone tried to remove the cowl from their zero? I have been trying to remove the cowl with no luck. There are 2 small screws on either side and when I remove them the cowl doesn't want to budge. There doesn't seem to be any other screws holding it on. Short of using a wheel puller, I don't have any idea how to remove it.

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    Re: FMS 1400 Tan Zero Cowl

    Hi Roofman, this is Ryan.
    The cowl is held on by two screws, you are correct. It is on extremely well. I just went to the hangar to check out ours and encountered the same trouble, however I was able to remove it when I set the shaft of the motor on the cement floor and pushed down on the cowl. It simply broke free from its tension and came off quite easily no damage. Hope this helps. My advice is to make sure you have the shaft straight up and down on the floor and gently push and wiggle at the same time. We want to go easy and try not to affect the motor's alignment.

    Best wishes,


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      Re: FMS 1400 Tan Zero Cowl

      Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for the tip. However, it didn't work exactly as you described. I had a friend hold the plane on its motor shaft, and after trying unsucessfully to remove the cowl as you explained, we took a piece of wood and placed it on the side of the cowl and gently tapped on it. That seemed to do the trick as the cowl started to loosen we repeated it again on the other side. We were then able to safely remove the cowl. Thanks again.