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Official XK K124 With Gyro Thread

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  • Official XK K124 With Gyro Thread

    Motion RC is pleased to announce our release of the XK K124 with gyro. This is the official message thread to post photos, videos, flight reviews and any questions about this super cool micro helicopter.
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    Hello Helicopter Pilots, This is a phenomenal helicopter to fly. It already comes from the factory with the Gyro & CCPM cyclic setup for you. They absolutely fly with your full attention, it can also do the 3D flight. I'm not quite capable to fly inverted yet, but it's something to work towards. Get your's while they last, before long these will be in everyone's hangar. Please read the instruction book before you fly this helicopter. It just makes sense to understand the flight controls before to take off. Enjoy these, they are a great addition to our already growing pilot group. Challenge your friends to a helicopter lift off! Cheers, Matt


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      I just picked one up, been out of the large scale helis for a while now so I bought this to see if I could still fly one.....


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        I bougth the first heli complete set with XK transmitter included and the second one without the remote. Can we connect the second one with the XK transmitter?