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Whos going to build a scale heli?

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    Originally posted by seaviper View Post
    Scale flying doesn't mean sedate. Nor does it mean slow. It does, however, mean smooth. Good mechanical building and regular checks plus common sense go a long way towards safety.

    Completely agree, which is why I listed sedate and scale as separate characteristics. The option is always there to fly scale like Chuck Aaron .


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      To me the challenge of flying scale helis is to see how smooth you can be on the sticks, give it a try Aros and you might get hooked.

      I still enjoy helis but it has to be scale only for me. I did build a RCAerodyne Little Bird, they had a 600 size fuselage from Roban, but I don't see it listed on MRC site, wonder if its out of production?? Here it is, about 4 yrs ago I had one up and flying, couldn't find all my pics, only this one. This is where I bought mine but they are out of stock and have been for a while now.


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        Found some more pics, maybe these will motivate some of you guys who are thinking about getting into scale......

        I had way to many, this is like 1/2 of them, when I got hooked on the EDF Jets I sold them all but one...

        I did get into giant giant scale, I wish that is, this one was parked at the Chino airshow on display.


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          That is an awesome fleet Dcorsair!! I love that Bell 47! Is that the Century version? I am the same way with my Helis, only scale birds!


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            Yes, it is a Century Bell 47 and it has a little story behind it. I first bought it new from a guy, built it and flew it a bunch with an OS .37 nitro motor, I ran 600 blades and it flew very nice and scale. I then converted all my nitro burners to electric, I just couldn't do this one for some reason, so I sold it to a buddy of mine. He passed away a couple of yrs ago and his wife wanted me to have it back to display in my shop in memory of him, so I made a special shelf for it and it will remain there for display only. These are hard to find now days and some parts are no longer available.