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Fs Composite in China is a fraud company, be careful!

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  • Fs Composite in China is a fraud company, be careful!

    Hey people,

    My name is Samil, I'm the purchasing manager of a company called PilotTR.

    Couple months ago we ordered some carbon parts from FS composite, it is a company we worked before. On our last purchase they claimed they didn't recieve the money although they did, they havent sent the items. We told them that bank says the money is checked, they later claimed someone hacked into their email and gave a false bank swift address, but we talked on wechat too, so it's a lie. A woman called Unique, sales manager is the slanderer, with her boss too. Slandered amount is around 6400 USD. We sent people, sent advocates, they took it like it was a joke, chinese governemet make things easy for things like this.

    I urge you to avoid this company and don't buy anything from them. I have proof of everything I stated. Please be careful friends.