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Motion RC Warranty Policies

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  • Motion RC Warranty Policies

    I spent considerable time researching the B-24 Liberator "Valient Virgin" in which my uncle flew as the oldest waist gunner in the 8th Air Force on the Aug 1st 1943 Operation Tidal Wave raid on the Plolsti oil fields. This plane was a survivor due to the piloting skills of the pilot Lt Russell Demont who approached the target behind a row of trees, returning to Benghazi airfield. To do this I had to repaint the Flightline "Witchcraft", paid for custom vinyl nose art, etc. Considerable time elapsed until the model was ready for the test flight.
    Now I find one of the 4 ESC was defective. Be advised the Motion RC warranty is good for ONLY 30 DAYS.
    So slapped together any plane you purchase from Motion RC within 30 days or they will charge you for defective parts they sold you!!!

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    Sorry, that's in black and white and I have one that has been sitting in the box since I bought it on preorder and if when I get it put together and something don't work then SOL, Can't get mad.
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      Due to the nature of the flying hobby, our warranty policy as written is necessary, and also similar if not better than other RC airplane vendors will warranty. The majority of customers open, test, and fly their new aircraft soon after its arrival, so the policy covers those conventional use cases. Most consumer goods have warranties based on certain assumptions that the product will be used sooner, not later.

      For customers who plan on not flying a model for longer than the warranty period for whatever reason (storage, weather, paintjob/refinishing, etc), we encourage them to test the model's components with a servo tester first and to visually inspect the model before storing the model or before painting it. Over 100 hands touch a model during its creation before it arrives at a customer's door, so it's always worth a visual inspection upon arrival.

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        I have to say I've been super impressed by Motion's service. Back when I was putting together my B24, one of the prop bolts wasn't threaded. I mentioned it to support in case they got a bunch of bad bolts and figured I would just get a replacement from the hardware store. Well, Motion more than made up for this minor inconvenience. Same goes for another plane that had had minor issues. So 2 planes out of 20+ that had minor issues that were quickly resolved. I just have to say thanks Motion. You guys are incredible and I cant complain.