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MotionRC Shipping Cost Too Expensive

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  • MotionRC Shipping Cost Too Expensive

    Getting very dissatisfied with MotionRC because of their increased shipping cost for items UNDER $99.00. The answer they give is "shipping cost have increased" however; nobody else has increased their shipping cost. In fact, Horizon Hobby started offering Free Shipping to Military Vets. I had to make 3 orders from MotionRC in the past 10 days and the shipping cost was astronomical. Their shipping cost is more that if I would have shipped the same items in a USPS Priority Mail standard box and you know they get better shipping rates than we consumers get. Someone in marketing needs to realize that more orders will be placed if the shipping is not over priced.

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    Lucky u dont live in aus fedex has doubled. No way can i now afford 400 usdollars to ship here... oh well a smart man looks 4 alternatives... thats 4 a spitfire1600 or similar even small parts r minimum 100 aus dollers so a spitfire has gone from 900 aus to about 1200.. i feel for motian but its everywhere


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      First, I want to note, we have free shipping for any order over $99 with no exceptions (unless you are outside of the continental USA). This has not changed since the day we started Motion RC.

      We no longer use Priority Mail because of the massive amount of lost packages. Priority mail would regularly take 3 to 5 weeks to deliver packages. Customers would call the post office and complain. We would regularly call our postal rep to complain. Nothing ever changes which is frustrating. Their service was extremely slow and and unreliable so we were forced to dump them for the good of our customers. They are the low cost leader but that comes with unreliability and extremely slow speed. Our postal rep was not surprised one but when we informed him we dumped the postal service. He did not even try to get our business back. He joined in with my complaints about USPS. There are many other cheap and slow shipping options but we don't use any of them because the speed is too slow and the reliability is not great. We only offer the reliable options which arrive quickly. Any time we offer the cheaper options, we are met with loads of complaints.

      Additionally, every carrier has added "peak season" fees, "covid fees", "fuel surcharge fees", etc, etc, etc. Many items are double the cost to ship compared to a year ago. We've been forced to pass those charges to our customers. Companies like FedEx are constantly telling us they need to raise our prices to invest in more infrastructure in order to keep up with demand. Their prices are up 20% - 150% depending on the item and the size of the item. FedEx is also raising their rates another 6% starting Jan 1. We also use a few other shipping companies who have added loads of fees and raised their prices. They are all raising their prices again starting Jan 1. Unfortunately, Horizon is about 50x our size and buying up every competitor in our industry. They are owned by private equity and can afford to take the losses in order to attempt to pressure other companies in our industry.

      I'm shocked at the inflation I'm seeing on a daily basis. We have not passed on as much as would should in hopes this stops. Unfortunately, our costs continue to increase.


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        Unfortunately, costs have gone up across the board almost everywhere.

        On the shipping carrier note, One of my recent Motion orders was shipped DHL. It was then handed off to the USPS and promptly went MIA.