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Pinned hinges

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  • Pinned hinges

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Name:	IMG_20210308_120008.jpg
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ID:	303076 Anyone know where to get these flat type pin hinges? Approximately 28 mm long and 6 mm wide. I only can find barrel type hinges. I like these because I don't have to drill a hole..

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    Never knew they existed but wouldn't mind getting my hands on some too
    Warbird Charlie
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      The mystery continues...
      These came in a Dynam Albatross I just purchased. All the hinges are foam, except the elevator which had these installed. I suspect the elevator foam hinge actually ripped at the factory and they installed these and shipped it out. The rudder foam hinge is ripped halfway already but they didn't touch it. My question is "Where did they get these?" I've searched every site I can think of, including Aliexpress but have turned up nothing. Now I'm on a mission...


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        Well...after searching for what seemed like forever, I can't find them anywhere. So I settled on dubro pinned nylon flat hinges I got from Motion. Along with their slot cutting kit. Should workout just fine.