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Wanted; 1/16 Heng Long Sherman plastic turret top

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  • Wanted; 1/16 Heng Long Sherman plastic turret top

    Hi folks,
    Want to do some mods on my 'still fresh out of the box' Sherman, and now looking for a the plastic top (and possibly) bottom halve of the turret. My plan is to remodel it, but I can't find it as a spare part anywhere, and I don't want to rip into my Sherman and have nothing to play with while I do my remodelling.
    So, maybe one of you Lee building fellas got those parts going spare?


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    Hey Rob, I'm one of those Lee builders, but I don't have the turret. I tore it apart for some parts. I recommend you send an email to Toucan Hobby on eBay, asking for what you want. They don't post everything, especially parts. You'd be lucky if they have one in the US, but even if it comes from China, shipping time is reasonable. Well 2 to 3 weeks.


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      Admins, feel free to bin this thread. I have found what I needed at Forgebear ;-)