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Prefer RX

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  • Prefer RX

    I'm new to the hobby and own 6 Admiral Gyro 6channel. Just curious as to what your prefer rx is. I did buy my first lemon to try Satellite antenna in my A-10.

    All I know for brands are Adrmial, Lemon and Spektrum (I run their radios DX8). Just Spektrum RX are $$$
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    My TX is Spektrum DX8 G2. I haven’t bought a Spektrum RX in a couple years except if the plane is a BNF and comes with one. I strictly use Lemon RX now, both standard and the stabilized ones. I like the stabilized ones but I prefer the standard 6-ch or 10-ch ones and add a HobbyEagle A3-L. The A3-L is simple and straight forward as I don’t need the “recovery” mode, just a bit of stabilization on some (not all) planes. For some applications, I’m now buying the Lemon RX with telemetry built in. For some planes, it’s nice to know the altitude and battery voltage. The other telemetry features are unimportant to me.
    They never seem to have the 8-ch ones in stock when I need to buy one, so the 10-ch does the job for almost the same price. I’m very used to the Lemon and that’s why I haven’t started to use the Admirals. The Admirals are just different enough that it’s just too fussy for me to learn the new programming regimen. I like to stick with what I know best. I also prefer the Lemons with the satellite antenna for that extra bit of security. Those new antenna-less Spektrums are not only more money but give me the eerie jeebies.
    I also have one HobbyKing RX that has worked very well but I don’t buy much from them anymore as their attitude toward customer service leaves much to be desired. The latest fiasco with putting up too cheap a price on some planes, then issuing a forced refund, is a bit slimy. I won’t buy from HobbyKing unless I really, really want it or need it.


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      thisguy65 and xviper
      How do you both like the DX8?
      I just ordered one and I'll have it next week. I have the DXe that came with the Apprentice and while it's functional I wanted something more, and this seemed to be the most bang for the buck.


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        I had the DX8 first and it was quite good. Then I upgraded, after some years went by, to my present DX8 G2. It's even better. I rarely need 8 channels and never more than that, but having 8-ch gives a little flexibility when I need it. It's very good value compared to the newer, higher channel Spektrums out there now.


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          Thanks xviper, that's what I was thinking. I'll have it Tuesday, can't wait to try it out!