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  • Gavin8c

    I cannot get this radio to connect to my pc. Has anybody been able to use it for Phoenix? Or for any simulator?

    it has to be something to do with the trainer settings, but I just can't get it to work. I've tried just about everything I can think of. I know it should work somehow, because I had a gavin6a and it worked in Phoenix 5.5 (that's about all that worked with it though)

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    We have not tested that with the simulator. You might want to contact HorizonHobby as the own the Phoenix Simulator line and maybe there is a calibration you have to do. Their number is 888-959-2302. Try that and if you still have issues contact us thru our email https://support.motionrc.net/open.php


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      Thanks Wayne. I've emailed detrum but haven't heard back from them. I just email phoenix-sim, hopefully they can help me out. I'd like to use the extra two channels on this radio instead of my spektrum. I was hoping somebody on this forum had figured it out, but it looks like that's a no so far lol.

      if I get a solution I'll share it here.


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        Strangely enough, I've been made aware that Gavin Rx's info does make mention of the fact that the receiver has to be bound to the radio. All receivers must be bound unless there are some really fancy high tech ones out there that I'm not aware of. Anyone having trouble binding or not sure on how to bind, please post or PM me.

        Team Gross!