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Programming the 3 Pos Flap switch on DXe

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  • Programming the 3 Pos Flap switch on DXe

    I've been trying to use the iPhone app to get the 3 Pos Flap switch to actually be all three positions. I was finally get to to at least function as a two Pos (N-1). It's functional as a full throw from the N to 1 position, when moving into the 2 position, nothing. This thing has horrible documention, and little in the way of Google and YouTube info.
    My call to HH support actually gave me wrong information. He stated the the firmware must be updated and installed using the PC (USB) cable to reassigned the channels. I actually worked with the smart phone app until I figured out that it can be done.
    The pull down menus refer to Aux, then Aux 1-4, however the actual manual for the reading don't refer to any of the toggles the same way so it's been kind of trial and error at this point. It just seems like a basic 3 Pos flap shouldn't be this difficult!

    My first post BTW! This is all new stuff for a Freewing A-10.

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    Update. After a conversation with an incredibly rude and unprofessional tech support agent with HH, the three position flap switch on the DXe will never function as such, only a two position. Then we discovered none of the trim buttons worked, and needed to be sent in for warranty repair.

    As as it was only two days old, I went back to my LHS and exchanged it for a DX9 Black Edition (I know, night and day). Lesson learned, buy once cry once.


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      Hi Setxwarrior. Welcome to the forum. :) sorry to hear of your troubles with the DXe and HH. I don't have that radio so couldn't offer any help. But, from what I've heard about the DX9 you'll be very happy with it. Also, you'll love the A-10. She's a sweet bird.


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        Hey Thanks Prowler! I actually maidened the A-10 yesterday successfully! Twice. My second plane after I learned on the Apprentice, and was pretty nervous. Things happen much faster with the EDF, however smooth and successful landings (x2). 3 minutes goes by much faster when you're nervous!


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          Congrats on the successful maiden! Yeah, three minutes goes by fast.


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            I bought two DXe transmitters. One works fine and controls flaps and gear and other main channels on eFlite P51, however, the throttle control channel doesn't work on the other DXe. I just received a pc to DXe cable to update firmware on both of these and will then determine if the "bad" will one still not Control the throttle.


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              Hi Guys

              Yea thats to bad to have a bad radio out of the box it can happen but never feels good. I know all to well about 1 person at HH that is very hard to deal with. I have reported him 2 times thus far. A little side note if you get a hold of this guy again you can ask to be transferred to another customer rep their. They are all not that bad actually just that one guy. That is why we strive so hard here to have the best customer service agents out on the market, and I feel we are doing this head on. I have never used the DXe radio but have heard of that very thing. That the flaps will not act as a 3 position for flaps and the app is not very good either. Again sorry to hear of the bad luck that you received hope all goes well and happy flying the DX9 is awesome!!!


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                I too have had the same problem with the 3 postion switch for flaps, no good answers and must have talked to the same HH rep what a jerk Motion RC are the greatest to deal with PROS I also couldnt update firmware using the updater had to use the programmer that worked fine did get that tip from HH though got it from this forum . HH told me I had to send him proof of purches of the radio and a picture of radio dont know what that tells him.n Been a Futaba man for 20 years thought I would try spectrum so far between dealing with HH and the DXE I may switch back to Futaba


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                  Bought a DXe transmitter with an e-flite timber 1.5 and after binding the flaps went to full flap positioning, discovered that if I push the bind/panic button the flaps will retract. What needs to be done to remedy this problem? Thanks, George


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                    Originally posted by George Herr View Post
                    Bought a DXe transmitter with an e-flite timber 1.5 and after binding the flaps went to full flap positioning, discovered that if I push the bind/panic button the flaps will retract. What needs to be done to remedy this problem? Thanks, George
                    Hey George, give this a shot:

                    and welcome to the squawk!


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                      Im new to this site and using the Spektrum system. I have a DXE transmitter that does not have the flaps switch fitted as it was sold from a kit, anyway I have an AR620 receiver and it all works fine apart from the fact I want to program in flaps.

                      I should be able to use one of the other buttons for the flaps

                      I'm using 2 servos on the ailerons and have the laptop programming lead, Horizon Hobby were absolutely no use what so ever and just repeated everything I have done already even though I told them what I had tried in the initial email.

                      My 35mhz transmitter was a JR 2610 and I could program in flaps no problems

                      So my question is .............Can the flaps be programmed and how do I do it?

                      Thanks for your help and listening to my rant



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                        I had the same issue but have a solution. I was able to get three-position flaps on the DXeA - the one without the flap or aux switches. The trick is to assign flaps (channel 6) to the FM switch. Note that FM Switch is different than assigning to flight mode,On my DXeA, I have SAFE assigned to the Rate switch and flaps to the FM switch, so i can control 5 channels plus SAFE - actually pretty decent setup - and I still have throttle cut switch.


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                          Thanks for ur reply, I will give it a go and let you know my outcome.