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Flying wing

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  • Flying wing

    I'm designing a BOT style flying wing. NO vertical stabs. If she flies as well as she looks... what a beauty! Doc

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    The easiest way to avoid needing veritcal stab is to provide ample sweep-back. This acts somewhat like dihedral and vertical stabilizer.

    Then you'll want some form of controlled drag at the wingtips for yaw control.
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      I'm using sweep as well as dihedral just like the Horton gliders. An airfoil with a slight upward turned trailing edge (reflex) and elevons on the outer part of the wing only, are important for stability. Also washout can be difficult (if not impossible) on a folded foamboard wing, so extra reflex on the outer 3" of the elevons will help reduce tip stall tendencies and take the place of washout. I hope all this research pays off! Doc


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        That's why I'm waiting til I get a 3d printer to continue my design. Gonna print the ribs out


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          Let us know how that works out. I just finished my BOT flying wing airframe. (About $4 in materials) Now for the expensive part, electrics. It's 2 meters. If this flies I'm going to build a 3 meter wing, either BOT style or HO IV. Doc


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            Nice I think it should do well. Just setting the battery always was the PITA part. To get that critical cg point exact. Uuuugh.