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Civil Aviation

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  • Civil Aviation

    I feel like a lone voice drying in the wilderness here, but how about if you suggest to your excellent suppliers ROC Hobby, FMS, etc. that there are us folks out there (I hope) who would like a few more civil av. machines. I received my ROC 40" Waco bipe a couple of days ago, and the speed of delivery was great, as was the packing and condition of the product. It is beautiful and I can't wait for the time to put it together.

    Us older flyers really like the 'between the wars' classics, and the majors don't do enough good stuff in that area. Blinding speed and snap maneuvers don't appeal to me so much as the silhouette of a classic high wing monoplane crabbing in for a touchdown. Think Rearwin Speedster or a Cessna 195; perhaps a Ryan M1/2 or even a Travelaire Mystery Ship. A Decathlon or Citabria would be great too for those who would like something a tad later and aerobatic. But my favorite by far would be a Waco SRE. Just look at one, and imagine a 54" or so replica.

    I've been involved in the hobby since the mid fifties when as a kid I witnessed my dad's first Rudder-only, escapement control, one speed (screaming) engined Cessna 180 flying for the first time. In those days we got a lot of exercise combing through the woods for fly-aways!

    Anyhow, to make a short story long, Some of us appreciate graceful aircraft more than trajectory flying 'atmospheric rockets'. Planes you can actually see flying. Some younger R/C pilots might do well to read a little history about the hobby (Geez I sound like a fossil!) as well as some full size aviation. There are plenty of picture laden books out there. Who knows? it's just possible they might find something that turns them on...

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    Re: Civil Aviation

    I would like to second motorbill66's request for additional civil aviation models. I enjoy the warbirds as well, but sometimes just want something that is a bit more relaxing to fly yet still capable of some aerobatics when called upon.


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      Re: Civil Aviation

      I also like the civil aviation segment of the hobby. I'd love to see a good quality, good flying Cessna 337 or Beechcraft Bonanza V35, foam or built up ARF. Perhaps in the 1400 mm range.