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FMS servoless retracts for 1400mm planes

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  • FMS servoless retracts for 1400mm planes

    hought I'd toss this out there to the Forum brain trust...I have a 1400mm FMS P51 (version 6) that I wanted to upgrade the lg with the new FMS retracts. They are, by the way, VERY nice for 1/3 the price of E-Flite's. I'm guessing this is a power problem, but I cannot get both mains and the tailwheel to work. Individually, they work just fine and I have tested them both with the receiver (a Specktrum 6000, I believe) and using a servo tester. The servo tester is powered by a 2s lipo, so that's probably not enough to drive all three servos, but when I have everything plugged in to the y-harness and use my 4s flight battery, only one main and the tailwheel will work. Kinda driving me crazy! Any thoughts/ suggestions?
    TIA, Alan

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    Re: FMS servoless retracts for 1400mm planes

    I had a V6 mustang that I upgraded to the V7 Lg retracts and they worked great. I also have a V8 mustang that have the FMS servoless E-tracts and they are awesome. They move real slow and scale like and make a different noise when operating. Maybe you have a bad Y connector to the mains. I found some bad connectors on my T28 out of the box...
    Tootall505 (Chris).


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      Re: FMS servoless retracts for 1400mm planes

      I had a Trojan T28 that developed this same issue. The weird part was that the retract that didn't work, would work as soon as I deployed the flaps. I had an extra Y harness laying around so I tried it. No more problems after that. Y harness is cheap and most likely the problem. One thing U can try, Test your servo thru the Y harness with a servo tester, then test the servo directly, or use a continuity tester and test the Y harness that way to. Good luck and keep her flying<smiley image="smiley_cool.gif"/>
      Pacific NW Flyer  :arrow: