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FMS 1400 Cub

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  • FMS 1400 Cub

    Anyone here flying the FMS 1400 piper Cub. I would like to get a larger Cub to replace the Dynam plane I have now. 1400 mm is a size I seem to gravitate to. It is big enough to see, looks good in the air, allows for a fare amount of detail and is still easy to transport in my Dodge Magnum plane hauler.

    Not much about this plane at RCG or RCU, so thought I'd check here to see who, if anyone, has it and/or likes it.


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    Re: FMS 1400 Cub

    I have two, the L-4 military version and the yellow J-3 CUB ,both 1400mm and love them both .Had to do some re engineering on the landing gear and elevator but they fly great .Lots of power on a 2200mah 14.8v


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      Re: FMS 1400 Cub

      Hi Jim,

      I just maidened my 1400mm FMS Cub today and can report that she is a delight to fly. Very stable in the air, yet can do all the usual aerobatics, loops, rolls, inverted flight, etc. Just keep a bit of right rudder on the take off roll, and she'll lift off nicely. Mine CG'd easily with a 2200mAH 3 cell battery, but to be safe, I also added 0.5 oz of weight in the nose, since I would rather it be a bit nose heavy than tail heavy. If you are looking for a nice, fun to fly Cub, I don't think you can beat the 1400mm FMS Cub. Great price, free shipping, easy assembly and really fun to fly. Good luck to you!