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GDW DS190X 11.5KG Metal Gear Digital Servo for RC Gliders

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  • GDW DS190X 11.5KG Metal Gear Digital Servo for RC Gliders

    • DS190X is installed with a Coreless motor (10*20mm). The specialty of Coreless Motors lies in its dependability and excessive power. The coreless motor offers a faster response time, and a more efficient, smoother operation. It can also change voltages quickly which causes an RC servo to alter courses quickly. This makes it the perfect servo for high-speed racing and maneuvering.
    • The gearbox is made of steel, with a titanium surface treatment. This steel gear is durable and can withstand the torture of fast-paced flight conditions. The aluminum metal case helps dissipate the heat and protect internal parts well.
    • The horn gear spline with 25T 4.9mm standard size, wide compatibility, it compatibles with most of the other brands. Believe it or not, horn compatibility is a big turn-on for servo buyers. If they can just change a dead servo without changing the linkages as well, they think that’s a big plus.
    In the pandemic / post-pandemic era, choosing an RC servo supplier who can offer high-cost performance and reliable quality servo products is strongly recommended.

    GDW servos are reliable alternatives to other expensive servos.

    GDW factory has served world-renowned brands and OEMs for them and produced the highest quality servos. Maybe you have known or even used the famous brand servo before, but it comes from the production and assembly workshop of GDW’s RC servo factory. GDW has the capabilities of manufacturing servos to your specifications as well as assisting in the manufacturing process to support your OEM customized orders.

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