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New to the forum looking for advice

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  • New to the forum looking for advice

    Hello, I'm not exactly new to RC flying, but have been out of it for 40 some odd years now. I was into powered gliders in the late 70'sand had one that was nearly 8 foot span and a .15 Enya engine. I eventually lost it in flight, although I did recover it when someone found it in their back yard and called my number in the fuselage! It was beyond repair.

    So about 25 years ago I started a electric powered plane kit by Carl Goldberg called the Electra. I have the wing and fuselage constructed but no covering yet. The kit came with a 7.2v motor and an 8x4 prop. I have been hanging onto this for that someday when everything in my life is done and I have time. What I need to complete this is a radio, and servos. I have a battery coming for the motor. Where I am a little stumped (mostly way outdated) is what size servos should I get, as well as advice on a radio. The plane will be 3 ch, with possibly a camera. I don't know how to incorporate a camera into the radio or if that is possible. All things I need advice on.