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Intermittent control surface kick/activation on 1st freewing 37 flight

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  • Intermittent control surface kick/activation on 1st freewing 37 flight

    Hi Guys, Just did my 1st flight on freewing 37. It all went well but had an intermittent sudden kick of the rudder right after liftoff and on downwind I'm using a Specktrum NX8 transmitter and Specktrum AR630 receiver. Landed successfully but a little concerned about this control surface kick/activation( fairly dramatic).
    Wondering if it's happened to any of you and if any ideas before I fly it again.
    Thank You.

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    My suggestion would be to remove the rudder (or any other offending control surface) from the control box and hook it up directly to the RX and see if it happens again. You'll need a "Y" so you can gang the steering servo onto it.


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      Hi Xviper,
      Appriciate your suggestion and quick response.
      I’ll give it a try and let you know the results.
      Thank You,


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        If that cures the problem, then I would be leery of that control board having "cross talk" between circuit paths. It might be then wise to remove the AIL and ELE from the board as well. The rest can stay. I believe the retracts have to stay plugged into the board as the lights draw power them. Eliminating the control board entirely would require the addition of a light module. You could be lucky in that it's only the rudder that did a "hiccup".


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          There was a bug in the spectrum firmware and older receivers that had this symptom.

          Make sure the tx and rx updated to latest versions