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Official Skynetic 1400mm Mercury Discussion Thread

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  • Official Skynetic 1400mm Mercury Discussion Thread

    Product Page:

    Mercury Blue 1400mm (55.2") Wingspan - PNP from Skynetic - SKY1027-001

    Motion RC is proud to announce Skynetic, a new brand of foam electric aircraft for newer pilots looking to broaden their flying experience across a range of RC airplane types. Developed by and available exclusively at Motion RC, Skynetic advances our vision of a global audience discovering the fun of RC Flight. Backed by Motion RC's customer support and a full line of spare parts to keep you flying, join the Skynetic revolution!

    The Skynetic Mercury Blue is a glider with tri-dihedral to increase wing performance and stability. No need for a high-start or cliff to slope from, the Mercury Blue comes with a MS2208 KV1550 brushless outrunner motor and 6x4 propeller to get you up to altitude in no time to begin your search for thermals. Optional flaps are molded into the wings including flap accessories for quick installation if flaps are desired (servos not included). The Mercury Blue is a fun, introductory glider for anyone that enjoys the tranquility of "surfing the wind."
    Easy Connect Wings

    The Skynetic Mercury comes with easy connect wings for simplicity and convenience.
    Accepts 1300-2000mAh LiPo BAttery

    You can fit up to a 2000mAh LiPo battery for extended flight times.
    Carbon Rod

    The Mercury includes a carbon rod joiner for added strength and reliability.
    Optional Flaps

    Optional flaps are molded into the wings and accessories included if flaps are desired (servos not included).
    Easy To Transport

    The Skynetic Mercury with its quick connect wings is quite compact and easy to transport to and from the flying field.
    Admiral 20 Amp ESC

    An Admiral 20 amp ESC is included for quality and reliability.
    • Constructed of durable EPO and a large tri-dihedral wing for increased wing stability
    • Brushless MS2208 KV1550 outrunner motor to get up to altitude for soaring adventures
    • Carbon fiber joiner for strength and durability
    • Admiral 20 Amp ESC adds reliability and security
    • Optional flaps molded into the wings and accessories included if flaps are desired (servos not included)
    • Skynetic Mercury Blue 1400mm (55.2") Wingspan - PNP
    • 4 Channel radio - select a minimum 4 channel radio from our Radio Collection
    • 4 Channel receiver - select a minimum 4 channel receiver from our Receiver Collection
    • 3 Cell 11.1V 1500 - 2200 mAh Li-Po Battery with XT60 connector - we recommend EPR18003X6
    • 3 Cell compatible battery charger - select a minimum 3 cell (3S) charger from our Charger Collection


    Wingspan 55.11in / 1400mm
    Length 40.55in / 1030mm
    Flying Weight 630 - 700g
    CG (Center of Gravity) 50 - 65mm from the leading edge of the wing at the root
    Power System MS2208 KV1550 Brushless motor (installed)
    Electronic Speed Control 20-amp brushless ESC with XT60 connector (installed)
    Propeller / EDF 6 x 4 Electric propeller
    Servos 4x 8g
    Landing Gear Tri-gear Fixed
    Required Battery 3 Cell 11.1V 1500 - 2200 mAh Li-Po battery with XT60 connector (required)
    Required Radio 4+ channel radio system (required)
    Ailerons Yes
    Elevator Yes
    Rudder Yes
    Flaps Optional
    Lights No
    Hinge Type Foam
    Material EPO Foam
    Skill Level Beginner
    Build Time 1 Hour
    Recommended Environment Outdoor
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    That looks fun!


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      Originally posted by GBLynden View Post
      That looks fun!


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        Originally posted by daisydank View Post

        Yep! Perfect for FPV and relaxing least that with what I was thinking when I made that comment.


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          You know I am not too much of a scale snob to enjoy something like this. I bet it would be terribly stress free and fun.
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            When will it be in stock. It seems like all the skynetic stuff is out of stock


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              This is not an official on the record for ETA as I do not know for sure but I did hear that it was possible a container could be coming in this or next week.
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                Does said container whenever it comes includes the skynetic shrike glider? I have a friend who I’m trying to get into Rc and he was set on getting the glider right when it went out of stock. I saw this yesterday and told him about it but he might go for the glider anyways.


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                  Sorry I really am not sure...Hopefully so!
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                    There is a thread about this product at RC Groups see:
                    I have built 4 of them and greatly enjoyed them.