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mechanical questions

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  • mechanical questions

    Can anybody help ? How can I open landing gear on Durafly™ Messerschmitt Bf.109E or Avios Spitfire MKVB, without battery or controller ?

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    Without damage? .................. Not likely. The retract mechanism is an electrically operated worm drive. Without electricity, it will not deploy. However, when you say "open", if you mean to gain access to the inner works, then you have to extract the retract from the plane. This will likely damage a lot of things in the process. Once you have the retract in your hand, you can then undo all the little screws that hold the two halves together and pull it "open".
    You might want to tell us what you mean by "open" and why you can't deploy it using the standard method (ie, via the TX, RX and flight battery).


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      I purchased the planes just for decoration of a cafeteria named Aviator... I do not have either battery nor controller, as I never would fly them. I just need to open the gear and fix it on a wall.... May seem stupid for you guys, but I could not find any models in similar size for decoration... If I can not find any way around, I will do as you advise, unscrew all and try open it, than fix it back in opened position....


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        Now that you've indicated what's going on, there is a simpler way to "open" the gear (ie, deploy the gear). If you look inside, under the canopy, you should see a lead that says something like "gear" or retracts. You must then find a servo tester, with a power supply. Best place to do this is to take the plane to a hobby shop and they should have a powered servo tester. Hook up the gear lead to the servo tester and rotate the knob to one end or the other and the retracts should deploy.


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          Thank you so much, I owe you a beer... If you ever by any chance come to Macedonia, you will be my guest..... you can see my project here :

          I will send you a video when I open it, and share the planes fixtures I did for decoration....


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              Interesting reason to buy RC planes. Could you share some pictures of how you're decorating the place?