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Official FlightLine RC 1200mm F8F-1 Bearcat Thread

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  • Official FlightLine RC 1200mm F8F-1 Bearcat Thread

    Motion RC is very proud to announce the fifth warbird from FlightLineRC, the venerable Grumman F8F-1 Bearcat! Our Bearcat is Officially Licensed from Northrop Grumman, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have partnered with them to bring this model to life.

    Over the past year we have developed the FlightLineRC Bearcat alongside the 1200mm Spitfire and 1100mm La-7 as an American, British, and Russian triple threat. Arguably one of the most powerful propeller driven fighters ever made, we endeavored to bring the popular Bearcat to the public in an affordable, easily transportable package that looks good and flies great. Most importantly, the FlightLineRC Bearcat is backed by the spare parts, quality, and customer support you have come to trust from Motion RC. We are especially proud to state that this is the only Bearcat on the RC market that is officially licensed by Northrop Grumman.

    To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Blue Angels, the FlightLineRC F8F-1 Bearcat includes a decal set for the Blue Angels livery it wore in 1946. To honor the US reserve armed forces, a livery from a 1948 Kansas Naval Reserve squadron is also included. Because the model arrives painted in bare blue, pilots can also opt to paint and customize their Bearcats with their own livery choice. We recommend Callie Graphics ( for custom decals!

    The FlightLineRC Bearcat assembles in minutes with only nine screws; glue is not required. Features include a highly detailed plastic radial engine that can be removed separately from the cowl for easy masking/painting/weathering, a plastic cowl for durability, interior green painted plastic gear doors and wheel wells, a detailed cockpit, large split flaps for very slow landings, oversized retracts with metal trunions and 4mm steel wire, and a large battery bay to accommodate a 4s 2500mAh-4000mAh battery and an optional gyro. The inner gear doors are spring-hinged to close during flight to reduce drag and advance the overall scale effect. We're seeing between 6-8 minutes of comfortable flying.

    Our very own Pilot Ryan and Captain Mike are producing video later this month to show off the gentle handling of this easy flying warbird. Production is already underway, and we'll begin a pre-order very soon to reserve your Bearcat for the first batch arriving soon.

    More details here:

    Please note, the aircraft shown in these photos uses plain main wheel hubs. The aircraft you will receive uses a more accurate spoked main wheel hub.

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    Yes please! When does the pre order open? Are these on the water?
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      another 1200 huh...oh well.. guess I still have to wait ..I hope this isnt going to be FLs trend is 1200 size.
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        Pre order went live. I was all set...until I saw September eta. Thats past a Wi flying season for the most part. Might as well wait now till around Christmas for me to pickup. Awesome that all these models are coming to light. I too would like to see some 1400-1500-1600mm stuff as well.
        AMA 1102566


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          Very cool, I'm sure I will have one!


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            I will probably get one but why not a 50"-55" at least.
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              Now, let me see............
              Who was it that pushed for a Bearcat and who was it that pointed out that it was the 70th anniversary of the Blue Angels and this was their first flight demonstration aircraft and wouldn't it be cool. Who was it that posted the link to the video of three Bearcats flying in formation with the Blue Angels with some of the original members present?????

              Now, who was that again..................

              Oh yeah, it was................

              Although, I did suggest it should be in at least 1400mm, but hey.
              So, do I get a sweetheart deal??

              Team Gross!


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                I'm for one thrilled to see them coming out with more new offerings in this size range.


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                  Yes it's cool and all but still dissapointed in the size. Everybody keeps saying at least 1400mm. I know that the marketing strategy is aimed at transporting the plane to the field but really we will get the plane to the field. We all appreciate what your doing motion bring us new affordable planes but guy's some will settle for smaller but a larger majority will prefer not to buy because of the size. Alot of us fly from grass and that means larger wheels which also translates into bigger plane.
                  Hey Dan they made what you had been wanting. She looks pretty good. But they kinda left it a little small. I'm sure she will live up to the Flightline quality though. I'll still have to wait and see if they or someone makes it bigger. If it wasn't for that I'd get a pre-order now. Just can't get excited about the smaller version though.
                  Dewey l


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                    I'm with you there Dewey, I was really hoping that it was going to be at least 1400 mm and I know quite a few people who will be disappointed.
                    I'm wondering if there is any chance that it will be coming out in a bigger scale somewhere down the road....
                    I'm waiting to see what the boys will say, since Doc and I aren't eligible for any of the draws and things...........

                    Team Gross!


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                      If you missed it the first time.

                      Team Gross!


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                        I've flown this outstanding Bearcat as both an early CNC prototype and preproduction sample and it is an awesome model with unlimited vertical on the stock 4S system. Dubbed "Project Evelyn" (named for my daughter who's a huge Bearcat fan....thanks Alpha!), this foamy model has been on the wants list of many RC models for years and I'm thrilled that not only has FLRC produced it, ...they knocked it out of the park and at a sweet price point. Congrats to Alpha, Motion and the entire FlightlineRC Team.....well done! :)


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                          Now, it says split flaps in the description.... And is the prop a one piece, it looks to be, so spare props are going to be a must, it looks a little short diameter-wise.
                          Also, it would have been nice to see a tail retract. Everything points to a bigger plane. Are we ever going to see another bigger plane, like the P38, or is it going to be all 1200 mm?

                          Hmm, I wonder how you get on the preproducton flight list!!

                          Team Gross!


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                            Yep, Project Evelyn will be featured at Oshkosh this year. We're excited to possibly get a photo op with it alongside the real Bearcat soon, also. Send that to Evelyn herself!

                            Grossman, the prop uses four individual blades. A common theme with FlightLine is trying to use common parts, to reduce the overall cost. Same motor, same ESC, same retracts, servos, same prop blades for the four blade props (Sea Fury, Spitfire, Bearcat) and same prop blades for the three blade props (La-7, FW-190, and TBD). Using common parts helps to reduce the cost and quicken production of new products.

                            A scale Bearcat prop would have been the size of the 1.4m P-51 prop. It looks great, but practically speaking it would be very difficult for most pilots to comfortably operate since it leaves almost zero ground clearance. The real Bearcat's landing gear have an extra knuckle at the wing joint that extends the strut length even further to accommodate its big prop. This kind of complex articulation isn't something we could engineer into a model this size at this price point. The same goes for a retractable tail wheel, which no 1.1m-1.2m PNP warbird on the market has at the <$199 price point. As I continue to state with each 1.2m release, if sales are good, we'll considering scaling up to a larger wingspan size.

                            But for now, with FlightLineRC still in its infancy, our battle plan in 2016 has been to produce a flurry of new aircraft that are in the sweet spot for the majority of the market's preference right now, which at the moment is 1100mm-1250mm at $199. I can tell you, the strategy is working very well :). I like the big stuff too, and I can tell from who posts in every new 1.2m thread who wants a 1.5m-1.7m plane, but between Dynam, Eflite, FlightLineRC, FMS, Durafly, and others, the ~1.2m class is the focus right now. They're considerably more economical to develop, produce, and distribute than a big plane. They can't all be 1.6m P-38s. But maybe we'll pick one from 2016 to scale up in 2017, so keep an eye out. Like any new brand, give it time to develop. We can't please everyone, but in time perhaps we can please almost everyone. Maybe not the guy who wants a 1.6m Bugatti 100P, though :( (that would be me).


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                              What a nice surprise to see this today. I'm with you farmflyer; I don't have a barn. Wife wants to blowtorch half my hangar as it is. Must have a yard sale to make room for this little bad boy, however. Anybody want to buy some golf clubs? Hockey gear? Get back to me...


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                                Evelyn and I are always fascinated by the process of developing a new model and very fortunate to get an early look, so we thought others would appreciate these photos of the FlightLineRC 120mm 'CNC Prototype' F8F-1 Bearcat, taken on 27 Mar 2016. Thanks Alpha! :)

                                Tony & Evelyn


                                • #17
                                  Tony your a lucky guy and I'm sure a very accomplished pilot to be involved in the development process. Is it weird to fly these in the bare white form? It would be great if some of you could give us a little more insight in the whole development process. A kinda how it's made with out giving away to many trade secrets such as first prototype flights or problems with first attempts. I'm intrigued and impressed at the same time at how a new plane comes to be.


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                                    Hey Alpha, that's great news about the prop as its more cost effective to be able to replace one blade than the whole prop itself. When I suggested the Bearcat, the gear articulation was the first obstacle I could see being a problem Grumman seems to have a penchant for strange landing gear, each plane different from the Wildcat right up to the Bearcat. I would imagine, in the case of the Bearcat, it was another solution as to how to overcome the size of the prop, similar to the Corsair.
                                    Not trying to sound negative about this bird at all, in fact, I think its awesome that you heard what I suggested in respect to the Blue Angels and am thrilled that we, as a community are giving a tip of the hat to this wonderful organization and their history and the fellows who flew the Bearcat in regular service. This is such an amazing bird to see fly as it was the zenith of prop driven warplanes, I well remember seeing them fly in the 60's at the Abbotsford International Airshow in BC.
                                    This one, one way or another, will be gracing my hangar!

                                    Team Gross!


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                                      Originally posted by farmflyer View Post
                                      Tony your a lucky guy and I'm sure a very accomplished pilot to be involved in the development process. Is it weird to fly these in the bare white form? It would be great if some of you could give us a little more insight in the whole development process. A kinda how it's made with out giving away to many trade secrets such as first prototype flights or problems with first attempts. I'm intrigued and impressed at the same time at how a new plane comes to be.
                                      Thanks for your kind words!

                                      It's not weird at all to fly these bare white prototypes but I'm very mindful of the fact that it's the only one in the country or on the planet, so Alpha's trust is greatly appreciated.

                                      To be honest, my role is minimal. I'm a pilot who ultimately wants a great product and just provides honest feedback, regardless if I intend to purchase the product or not. I love model aviation and would like others to enjoy it too, especially newcomers, so a quality product is vital to keeping folks involved and happy. My daughter and I enjoy promoting the hobby and helping friends in the business. As a veteran and loyal MRC customers, we've invested a lot of time and energy promoting/supporting Motion RC because they are first, a veteran owned company.....but more importantly, they are focused on customer satisfaction. MRC doesn't just say it, they do it! Each of my purchases have been painless/easy and shipping has been outstanding. The one issue I had was quickly resolved and the continuing Freewing F-86 retract issues, I've just learned to live with it until a more robust set is developed. I'm now on my third set. LOL That aside, witnessing a very small part of MRC's involvement in product development just reaffirms, to me, their commitment to the customer and quality. For that....We salute the MRC Team and their partners!


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                                        Hello Alpha,
                                        The pilot looks a lot better in this Bearcat than the one that was stuffed into the SeaFury by robbing from the A6 parts line.
                                        It looks so good that I would use it on other 9th or 10th scale projects. Can this Bearcat pilot be given a spare parts SKU separate from say a cockpit spare ??
                                        PS....welcome back to the states and the Squawk.
                                        Best regards,
                                        Warbird Charlie
                                        HSD Skyraider; FlightLine: Sea Fury; FMS 1400: P-40B, P-51, F4U, F6F, T-28, P-40E, 1700 F4U and a Fox glider; Freewing: A-6, P-51; VQ: P-39; Dynam: ME-262, FW-190, Waco; ASM A-26; ESM F7F-3; LX PBJ-1 EFL CZ T-28