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As if I don't have enough projects - 1/76th Ohio'ish sub

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  • As if I don't have enough projects - 1/76th Ohio'ish sub

    I have always liked the Ohio class subs so decided to try my hand at something that is a total hybrid. I never intended this to be completly scale but just close. Based on a piece of 6" schedule 40 PVC pipe it nets out at a little under 7-1/2' long. I designed and 3D printed the nose, tail cone and deck sections out of PETG. I will be making silicone molds to cast the stern control surfaces and fairwater planes out of resin while the deck to hull transitions and sail will be epoxy fiberglass. My intention is to install a modular sub system on a slide out tray of G10 with the bow and stern being removable. In the end it is a big experiment.

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    Scale or not, she looks pretty darn good to me. That is some very impressive work!


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      Latest update. Getting ready to start molding. I have decided to make the sail, missle deck, tail cone and nose cone out of epoxy fuberglass. All of the control surfaces will be cast in resin from silicone molds. I also purchased a nifty 7 blade scimitar propeller file that I 3D printed in ABS, filled with Rage Evercoat bondo and sprayed with high fill polyurethane primer. It too will be silicone molded and cast in resin. I hope to have it ready for Subfest 2020 in Cohutta, GA September 18-20.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	20200723_224242_copy_2016x1512.jpg Views:	0 Size:	144.0 KB ID:	265115

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        Gosh, that Ohio is mighty purdy Incorporating the PVC is top notch efficiency in design, too.
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          This is really a POC project and to help me learn better molding materials and practices. The PVC helps to minimize the up front costs until the next project which will likely be a much more accurate 1/72nd scale Ohio class sub. That would give it a 7" beam and be 93" long. A little bigger than this one. I will be 3D printing the hull for that project to make the various plugs for molding it in fiberglass.


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            Progress on the Ohio... The 3rd pic shows the missile deck sitting on a length of 6" PVC pipe split along its length. It will provide for a flange on the fiberglass mold for the part. Next up will be to add some minor missile hatch detail to the deck. Nothing fancy, just adding some hatch shaped pieces of aluminum tape. Then I will be working on the silicone molds for the control surfaces. I have everything I need to rig this boat for running and am shooting to have it ready for trials by SubFest, Sept. 18-20 in Cohutta, GA. I like big boats and I cannot lie...

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              You'll make it!
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